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Teresa Carpenter

Simon & Schuster
Hardcover 2003
Paperback 2004.

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Praise for Miss Stone...

A New York Times Notable Book

"A Byronic adventure and an early lesson in the perils of international power for the U.S...It's a gripping yarn."

- Publishers Weekly

"Marvelously exotic...the sensuous atmosphere of Salonica at dawn...A wild beautiful landscape is contested by scholarly anarchists and harem-bred militias...no one was completely guilty, no one completely innocent."

- New York Daily News

"Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Teresa Carpenter lucidly unfolds the background of the unraveling Ottoman Empire...It's an excellent book structured as classic drama...and characters who surprise on every page."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Teresa Carpenter is a superb storyteller. In The Miss Stone Affair she has the prescience to rescue from obscurity a remarkable century-old drama whose explosive mixture of religious and political fanaticism, at the dawn of the American empire, will give readers of the new century a premonitory chill."

- Ron Rosenbaum, author of Explaining Hitler

"Bungling bureaucrats, conniving newsmen, sentimental villains cowed by their captives - The Miss Stone Affair reads like the plot of a Peter Sellers movie. Teresa Carpenter reveals with deft precision the underlying lunacy of this deadly serious event."

- Mark Alan Stamaty, creator of "Washingtoons"

"This superb work reads like a novel but is beautiful history. The Stone story is both timely and timeless; the role of the State Department utterly contemporary. Brilliantly written and essential reading for all of those interested in American diplomatic affairs."

- The Honorable John Menzies, former U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.