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Teresa Carpenter

For The Village Voice...

"The Avengers: Four Who Bombed in God's Name"

Clarion Award, 1986. Women in Communications.

"The New Activism"

The Front Page Award, 1982. The Newspaper Women's Club of New York. (Now, the Newswomen's Club of New York.)

"Burn, Centralia, Burn"

Clarion Award, 1982.

"Murder on a Daypass"

The Page One Award, 1981. The Newspaper Guild.

"Murder on a Daypass"
"Between Heroism and Madness"
"Death of a Playmate" (Basis for the 1983 film "Star 80")

The Pulitzer Prize for feature writing, 1981. The trustees of Columbia University.

Download PDF of "Murder on a Daypass"
Download PDF of "Between Heroism and Madness"
Download PDF of "Death of a Playmate"